Tailor-made Military Asset Tracking Solutions

Sabre One offers Military Asset Tracking Solutions to enable clients to track weapons, ammunitions, and other valuable assets. Depending on your requirements we utilise a myriad of technologies that have proven to be reliable for both long and short-range tracking, meaning that you can control your assets wherever they are located globally – even when your operations and manoeuvres are in very remote areas.

Active or Passive Tracking Devices?

Active trackers, also called “real-time” trackers presents immediate information where an asset is located i.e. observe assets movements on a computer. Active tracking is the best choice for clients interested in improving the efficiency of their deliveries and or monitoring their equipment. Sabre One’s active tracker solutions can also include geo-fence abilities, alerting you when the equipment enters or exits a predetermined location. These systems can also help prevent theft and recover stolen assets.

Our Passive trackers, on the other hand, store information on the device itself. The tracker must be removed from the asset and plugged into a computer to view the information. Our passive tracking solutions are the best choice for clients interested in reducing the misuse of their assets.

Whatever your requirements Sabre One provides, confidential tailor-made military asset tracking solutions to government and non-governmental organisations worldwide.


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