What We Do

Security Management | Intelligence | Counter Terrorism

Working together with client governments and corporations we build cutting-edge security services, enhancing capabilities needed to respond to the most pressing security risks. With our world-class experts in security management, intelligence fusion, and counter terrorism, we deliver robust proactive and support services which are tailored to understand and respond to the precise nature of the local challenge.

Our Mission

Sabre One is committed to our mission of providing enduring security and stability where it is needed. By bringing clarity to complexity, we resolve multifaceted security challenges, enhancing governments and corporations to protect assets, interests and people-globally.

OUR Services

Our services can be delivered individually or in any combination of the following:

We ensure all our projects are sustainable within budget, and driven by the goal of generating a positive, lasting uplift in our partners’ ability to understand and counter threats to the security of their assets, their interests and the people who live there.

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